Services Provided

Services Provided

Eide • Walton takes great pride in achieving positive results for clients. We guide our clients through the complexities of the legislative and regulatory processes to achieve their goals.

Our Services Include:

Economic Development Incentive Assistance
Assisting companies with the business incentive process at the Iowa Department of Economic Development.

Lobbying the Iowa Legislature
Advocacy for our clients through work with individual members of the Iowa Legislature, legislative leadership and staff.

Analysis and Tracking of Legislation
Up-to-date information to our clients concerning legislation of interest, its current status, and potential impact.

Lobbying the Administrative Rules Review Committee
Advocacy on behalf of our clients with individual members of this committee, which reviews all proposed agency administration rules.

Review and Analysis of Administrative Rules
Up-to-date information to our clients concerning proposed regulations, their status, opportunities for comment to the agency, and the Rules Review Committee, and requests for agency rulemaking.

Bill Drafting
Drafting bills and amendments, obtaining sponsors, and working with service agency bill drafters to ensure accurate, precise, and effective legislation.

Representation Before State Agencies and Licensing Boards
Up-to-date information to our clients concerning work of various agency committees and task forces, arranging meetings with regulators.

Political Action Committee Organization and Administration
Maximizing our clients' political effectiveness through coordination of campaign contributions and assistance with compliance in filing and reporting requirements.

Written and Oral Updates, Including Newsletters and
Summaries of Legislation Enacted

Ensuring that our clients receive the information they need, in a format that best meets those clients' needs.

Planning and Coordination of Facility Visits
Assisting in coordinating legislator, staff, and agency visits to client facilities for educational purposes.

Interim Study Committee Monitoring and Presentation
Continuing work with legislators, staff and state agencies even when the legislature is not in session.

Grass-roots organization and mobilization
Assistance in developing the best way to affect constituent contact with legislators.

We work extensively with every standing legislative committee and numerous interim and other study committees; legislators of every political persuasion; all state agencies and licensing boards whose actions may affect our clients' interests, the Iowa Attorney General, the Iowa Governor, and many other interest groups and associations to develop alliances that further our clients' interests.